FFA’s Wreath Fundraiser


Josh Hurst

Simon Fuentes (10) makes a wreath for the FFA’s fundraiser.

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

Winter time is here, and everyone is gearing up for their respective holiday.  Although all the winter holidays are different, there’s always some traditions that run across them.  One of those traditions happens to be hanging a wreath. Wreaths can be used to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the rest of the winter holidays.  In fact, wreaths can be used year round to celebrate special occasions, or mourn sad events.

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) Club have started preparing for their annual wreath sale.  The wreath sale is “one of [their] big fundraisers throughout the school year” Aaron Metcalfe (10) said, “[and] it helps fund our FFA chapter.”

This funding helps FFA maintain all of the plants and other parts that make up the club.  

Although sales have been going since the November 26, there’s still time to purchase a wreath.  The FFA continues selling wreaths either until they run out of supplies or when it’s Christmas.

“I like the monotonous of it and how it’s uniformed and everything goes the same.” Simon Fuentes (10) said.

Although these wreaths are quite tedious to make, they can still be purchased for a reasonable price.  To purchase one either fill out a form for it, or contact Mrs. Nemnich on Facebook. You can either have one of her science students pick it up for you and bring it home, or you can pick it up yourself.