New Choir Teacher


Isabella Prouty

Aerie practices songs for their winter concert.

Isabella Prouty, Writer/Photographer

Arlington High School has a new choir teacher, Mrs.Forslund.  She recently moved here from a choir teaching position in Lake Stevens High School and Cavelero Mid-High.  As soon as the job spot opened up in Arlington, she knew that she wanted to apply, and the students knew from watching her direct, they wanted her as well.  

Part of her job is directing four choir classes during the day, as well as an additional piano class.  Both the Aerie and Flight choirs are audition choirs, Flight meeting during zero period, and Aerie in fourth period.  Eagle Choir is so large that it has to be split into two different periods.

She especially appreciated,“how well the arts are supported and the incredible reputation,”Arlington has built for itself.  Even growing up in Stanwood, she often heard about our support of the arts and our choir program.

Her favorite part about the job, however, is her students and,“their motivation to learn new things”.  Because choir is an elective,“most all of the kids want to be here,” which helps with how well the choir blends as a whole.

Some of her goals for the year are to keep building off of Mr.Swanson’s progress in the choir by,“ taking the choirs to more difficult festivals,”to challenge their musical abilities so that they can progress as a group.  Mr.Swanson was the former choir teacher who retired at the end of last school year after teaching choir for a total of thirty years.

Her students in Flight all had one thing about her teaching style that they could agree on. Her upbeat approach.  Carter Kikuchi, a freshman, says that she,“puts everyone in a positive mood.”

Grace Moberly, a senior, explains that Mrs.Forslund,“gets to know everyone individually,” to have a better understanding of how they’re going to work as a choir.

Not only does she have a good outlook on how she teaches, but she also encourages students to become better at what they do. Halle Simbeck, a senior in Aerie, said that this,” ultimately results in a stronger choir and better individual performances.”