What You Should Know but Don’t

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What You Should Know but Don’t

Yemen is located in the Middle East next to Saudi Arabia.

Yemen is located in the Middle East next to Saudi Arabia.

Yemen is located in the Middle East next to Saudi Arabia.

Yemen is located in the Middle East next to Saudi Arabia.

Sadie Collins, Reporter/Photographer

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If it wanted to, the United States could end the war in Yemen. Yet, the U.S. is too side tracked by “its own problems” and overlooks and forgets the dying people. There is a reason Yemen’s crisis is known as “The Forgotten War”.

Yemen’s war has been unfolding for years, starting in the spring of 2011. Pro-democracy protesters took to action and tried to force President Ali Abed Allah Saleh to end his 33-year rule. He responded with economic relief, but refused to resign.

As protests became violent, the military took action. Killing and silencing the adamant challengers of government. Yemen finally saw political change when Vice President, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi rani in February, unopposed. Yet outcry only grew larger.

The two sides of the war include; Pro-government forces led by President Hadi and anti-government forces led by the Houthis, who are backed by former President Saleh.

In the midst of war, the civilians have lost the most. Airstrikes are constant. Naval blockades are unwavering- putting more than half of its population in severe famine.

Cholera has risen through the grime and filth of their living conditions-60,000 people have contracted the disease, and of that 3,000 have died from it’s disease. It is deemed the worst case of Cholera the world has ever come to see.

The United States stopped counting the death toll two years ago, at 10,000. It is estimated that that number has now increased by 50,000, totaling 60,000 lives lost. 22 million people-over 75% of its population- are in dire need of humanitarian aid.  

When asking Arlington High School students about the crisis, many said they haven’t heard of the country. Others claiming they had no idea “things had gotten this bad,” said Danika Toop(12).

Now, thousands of families have been displaced. Thousands of citizens go hungry. Thousands of innocent people have been infected with cholera. Thousands more live in constant contact with the disease. Thousands have died.

If you are interested in donating money, the following organizations are assisting Yemen in its state of dire need:

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Save the Children (Yemen)

Islamic Relief USA


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Sadie Collins, Reporter/ Photographer

Sadie Collins is a junior at Arlington High School. She participates in NHS, Interact and French Club. Sadie's interest in journalism peaked freshman year...

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