Jobs or Sports?

Grady Falk, Staff Reporter

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For many high school students, it is the start of the job hunt. However, a lot of those students who are actively searching the job market, still play sports and for some that means picking or choosing which one they would rather. Others are able to manage both but how far will they go before they run out of time and lose all social life?

Stevie Bradley (12), juggles her two jobs with cheer which is a year long commitment. “Although I have a very tight schedule, it is very organized. My calendar is color coordinated with my first job being pink, my second job being green, and cheer being purple”. She noted that due to her busy schedule, she hasn’t “had a day off in three months”. In the minimal spare time that she has she usually spends it catching up on sleep.

Sam Rush (12), says that he hasn’t ran into any problems with balancing his job and wrestling. During the season, “I tend to only work Sundays because that’s my only day off”. During the rest of the year he works more often but that is how he manages wrestling and working.

Mrs. Schenavar now teaches and coaches at the same time but it wasn’t always this way. She used to be in the same position that all of these other kids are as well. “I am a runner so I would rather be late to practice than to my job because I can do my workout on my own time before or after work”. She said that having the ability to coordinate with her coach ahead of time whereas with a job if you don’t show up, you’re more than likely going to get fired.

While these students ponder between choosing whether to work or to play their sports, they are still facing the uphill battle of time and for some they’re on the losing end. Others are able to cut back their work schedules and some are able to communicate around their schedule. Overall, the reality is that these students are reaching the age between staying a kid and going out into the real world and job market.

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