The Growth of the School


Vivian Potong

Symphonic band is one of the largest classes on campus. Even at 67 students in the same class, it is still smaller than the last two years. Those were 77 and 74.

Ana Gwordske

The Symphonic band is practicing for their next performance

There is an increase in the student body by about 125 students from last year having 1550 students to now about 1675 students. This freshman class is the largest class with 444 students. Mrs. Nelson expresses that “it is challenging at the beginning of the year and gets easier” for putting all the people in the classes. Mr. Grabowski has the largest class which is his fifth period, band. He says that “in my business it’s better having large numbers because the program depends on the numbers”. One of his students, Caleb Cook, says that one of his least favorite part of having a large class is “people talking a lot”. But having all the people in this school makes it entertaining and joyful.