Why Boy’s Aren’t Asking Girls to Homecoming?


Vivian Potong

Deca advertises the homecoming prices and draws the student bodies attention with the extravagant red carpet and sparkly letters.

Vivian Potong, Reporter

October is just around the corner and the only thing on everybody’s mind is homecoming. The ladies of AHS have been stressing before school even started on what to wear and more importantly who there going with. But what about the boys? Homecoming is in T- one week and there seems to have been a decline in the extravagant hoco proposals. So my only question is why aren’t the boys asking anymore? Is it because they’re to scared or want to give the girls a shot?

Channel Hansen (9) has dreamed of her first homecoming since 5th grade. She couldn’t wait to get the perfect dress, go out to a fancy dinner, and more importantly get asked by a sweet guy like in all the movies she’s watched. However, now that she’s started high school she’s realized that she’d rather go with her friends than a boy because “all boys are trash.” Channel has recently been asked by Shayaan Khan (9) but, before she thought that guys weren’t asking because they’re all afraid of rejection. “They’re all too scared of losing their cool card if a girl says no,” but what is the boy’s reasoning?

Many of the freshman boys said that they aren’t asking because they have no time, no supplies, or no money for the proposal or tickets. They all insisted that it was not because they were nervous. With some of the boys it was believable, like Parker Duskin (9). Duskin was very confident and said “I’m not worried she’ll say yes”. Some were truthful like Easton Bergley (9) who was very nervous before asking Lexi Millerwood (9) because he “…didn’t know if she liked me or not”.

For senior Ezra Nicol’s (12) he prefers to go with a girl. That’s why he always asks because he can always go with her in a friend group. Nicol admits that he’s “not nervous until his friends ask him what if she says no?” Besides that he’s pretty confident because unlike other guys he makes sure he talks to her beforehand and that they’re friends, so it’s not awkward. He does think boy’s aren’t asking because “they’re becoming a bunch of snowflakes” and “females are becoming the male role model in today’s society”.