An Inside Look at the New 2018-2019 Class Officers


The former Senior Class Officers of 2018

Johnathon Leon Guerrero, Staff Reporter

As the 2018 school year draws to a close, it’s time to start looking toward what lies ahead in 2019. Recently announced were the new class officer lists for the upcoming school year. Congratulations to the following people for earning positions to help represent their respective classes!

Sophomore Class Executive Officers:

  1. James Wright
  2. Bryce Novy
  3. Savannah Soltero
  4. Cadence Allen
  5. Shelby Malenstyn

Junior Class Executive Officers:

  1. Cade Younger
  2. Maggie Delaney
  3. Megan Barnett
  4. Paige Nelson
  5. Brooklyn Hill
  6. Pearl Leon Guerrero

Senior Class Officers:

  1. President: Katelyn Morris
  2. Vice-President: Emily Harris
  3. Secretary: Annabelle Copenhaver
  4. Public Relations: Aiden Espinosa
  5. Activities Manager: Chloe Jensen
  6. Treasurer: Allyson Roller

As we dive into the specific responsibilities that each of these groups will be in charge of for the 2018-2019 school year, we’ll start with the sophomores. They will primarily be responsible for coordinating the Senior Tea event for the Class of 2019 as well as representing the voice of their own class during student council meetings. Meet Bryce Novy, one of the new CEOs. He has not been apart of student council before but has been involved in leadership. Outside of school, he takes piano lessons and was also recently accepted into next year’s On Hold jazz band. As he says it himself, “I am mainly just one of your band geeks.” He looks forward to “having a say in what’s happening at school” and helping represent the band demographic in the student government.

Next, we look at the Class of 2020. The juniors have one of the hardest events of the year to put on: prom. Every year, these class officers are hard at work making sure the special night is just right for the entire student body. Pearl Leon Guerrero is excited for the challenge. Also the former Sophomore Class Treasurer, she was asked to reflect on the success of the Senior Dinner Dance that she helped run in May. “Senior Tea was nice because decorating it was fun and the multitasking behind putting food out was just the right amount of responsibility and stress,” she said. One challenge that they faced was going from not having many meetings at the beginning of the year to being bombarded with things to do for the event. To the upcoming Sophomore CEOs, she said, “Try to give all the help you can to the sophomore class advisor because that person puts a ton of work into Senior Tea.” Looking forward to next year, she said that she’s excited “to see how the CEO positions work now instead of the individual positions.” When she’s not being a student leader, she’s involved in pit orchestra, National Honor Society, and Ecology Club.

The Senior Class Officers will also undoubtedly be hard at work in the upcoming year. To list a few of their responsibilities, they will be in charge of running the outdoor concession stands in the fall to raise money for their class, coordinating their Senior Dinner Dance, creating the Senior Class t-shirts, and, eventually, planning their 10-year reunion. Chloe Jensen, the new Activities Manager for the senior class, has been involved in leadership since middle school and has also served as the Class Activities Manager as a sophomore and Class Secretary as a junior. She is also apart of Drama Club, National Honor Society, a youth group at Smokey Point Community Church, and, on top of all that, maintains a job at Just Peachy. She is most excited for all of the responsibilities associated with being a Senior Class Officer, saying, “I don’t want my senior year to be super easy, so I feel like this leadership position will help keep me busy and constantly doing something.” When asked to describe the Class of 2019, she responded , “We are very driven and motivated to graduate!”

As daunting as all of these tasks seem, they are still months away from being carried out, so the class representatives can relax for the moment. Once the summer of 2018 draws to a close, the entire student body can be assured that they have reliable leaders hard at work to make the 2018-2019 school year great.