PSA: Senior Edition Submissions Needed!!

Aisha Saad, Writer & Photographer

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If you’re a senior and want to be featured in an special edition of the AHS Eagle, now is your time!

You can either

  • submit pictures of important moments of your senior year (think dances, games, assemblies, etc.)
  • submit a 100-200 word school appropriate article about senior year, things you want to say to your class, or anything else!

Please submit directly to Mrs. Hayman ([email protected])!

The Senior Edition of the AHS Eagle will be distributed June 12th, after the moving up assembly to every senior. Additional copies will then be distributed to juniors and underclassmen based on availability!

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Aisha Saad, Staff Reporter & Photographer

Avid Coffee Enthusiast. Certified Reader. Prone to fits of apathy. Travel aficionado. These are some of the things that describe Aisha Saad. She is currently...

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