It’s That Season Again: All Things Prom


Alicia Fanning, staff writer and photographer

The conversations are already beginning. Teachers are already begging their students to focus on the task, but they are focused on another thing: Prom.

Where to eat, what to wear, where to buy the dress, who to ask, how to get there, etc.

Where to Eat:

Don’t forget to make reservations before hand. Also, be courteous and give a generous tip to your waitress.

If you want to stay local:

  • Bistro
  • Olive Garden
  • Jimmy’s Pasta

If you want to eat in Seattle:

  • Italian Food:
  • Assaggio Ristorante
  • Buca di Beppo

Mexican Food:

  • La Carta De Oaxaca
  • Fogon Cocina Mexicana

Thai Food:

  • Noi Thai Cuisine
  • Thai Tom

Vietnamese Food:

  • Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant
  • Tamarind Tree

American Food:

  • List Restaurant
  • Dick’s Drive-In

Best Dress Deals:


  • Make a sign: signs are cute even though they’re cliche.
  • Make sure to have someone ready with a camera, these moments are meant to be captured.
  • Use colorful flowers, or a single rose to make a statement. If you’re trying to tell the person something special, look up the meanings of the flower colors.
  • If you’re detail oriented and patient, create the word “Prom?” In his/her front lawn out of candles. (Make sure it’s not going to rain or just use the electric ones).
  • Buy their favorite books from a half priced book store and give them to him/her intermittently during the day, giving them a specific page and word count to go to, creating “Will you go to prom” and then you verbally finish “with me?”.
  • If you’re really struggling to come up with ideas, Pinterest will become your best friend.


Limos and party buses are expensive, so if you are going to rent one, take a lot of people to divide the cost. Also, be aware that most rental services raise their prices for the Prom occasion due to high demand.

  • Check out for decent prices for stretch limos and party buses.
  • Car-pool – it saves money