Handling the Stress of School


High school students are constantly stressed. They have jobs, school, and a social life to balance. But they also need to take care of themselves.

Alicia Fanning, Staff writer and photographer

There is no doubt that students are stressed. The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and that means last minute projects, cramming for finals, and attempting fruitlessly to raise grades. However, the stress doesn’t end there. It continues through second semester and sometimes feels like it’s never going to end.

Here are some ways that you can reduce your stress:

  • Exercise
  • Be aware that it’s okay to say no to prioritize your wellbeing
  • Listen to music
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Take a nap
  • Write in a journal
  • Take a step back from the tasks at hand

“I plan ahead and don’t really think about the negatives too much. I instead focus on what I could do to make sure I make the most out of opportunities,” Asher Noland (‘18) said.

Healthy study habits:

  • Study away from distractions (phone, TV, etc.)
  • Get a snack before you sit down to study
  • Create a study group – make sure you pick people you’ll be productive with
  • Study in fifty minute increments and take a ten minute break in between sessions
  • If you have a low ability of focus try the Pomordoro Technique – study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break (For a more detailed explanation see the link below)
  • Study and practice after 24 hours of learning it, then again 1 week and 1 month afterwards to defeat the curve of forgetting


Pomordoro Technique – https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique