Different Views on Different Generations


Created by Jared Swislow

A timeline of the current living generations.

Jared Swislow, Staff Reporter/Photographer

Throughout history, there have been many different “generations,” or social groups defined by the time they live in. This is an approximate description of all of them that are alive today.

Lost Generation (Born before 1901)

There are only a few people still alive from the Lost Generation. These people who are alive lived through the entire 20th century.

They lived through World War I, which changed many of their values and caused them to question some authority. The generation that came before them criticized them for losing their old values, much like elders criticize younger generations today.

There were many huge technological advancements during this time, such as the rise of automobiles and the first flight of the Wright Brothers’ plane.

G.I. Generation/Greatest Generation (Born 1901-1936)

The G.I. Generation (G.I. meaning “government issue” or “general issue”) is characterized by living through the Great Depression and fighting World War II. These people are currently aged 82-116.

Despite all of the good things that came out of this time, they were criticized for many things they did that are now commonly frowned upon today, such as racism and bigotry.

Traditionalists/Silent Generation/Builders (Born 1936-1945)

The Traditionalists were focused on their careers more than activism because they saw and heard the negatives of financial instability from the Great Depression and were scared to speak out. This lead to them having overall high employment rates.

The Traditionalists were living during World War II, but were too young too fight. They were often criticized for being lucky with their situation.

Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)

The Baby Boomers were the burst of kids that were had after World War II because of the excitement that the end of the war brought. This generation is defined by their optimism for the future and overall health.

They were often criticized, however, for the increase in consumerism that they indirectly caused.

Generation X (Born 1965-1976)

Generation Xers, as they are called, are characterized by very good education and heavy skepticism. They also are mainly the first generation to be exposed to their parent’s divorce, which is commonly said to cause many of their characteristics.

These people are usually criticized for being very hard to please, but this claim has gone away recently.

Generation Y/Millennials (Born 1977-1994)

Millennials are the first generation that is more tech-savvy than not. This generation is heard about the most, and also really encouraged activism.

The Millennials placed a big emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

This generation, is the most criticized, mostly because of their use of technology.

Generation Z (Born 1995-2009)

Generation Z, who are, at most, 22, were heavily influenced by the rise of social media services and advances in science and technology. Most of Generation Z are teenagers.

They, of course, are criticized for their “addiction” to social media and their phones.

Generation Alpha (Born after 2009)

Not much is known about Generation Alpha because they are in Elementary School or below.

We don’t know what they will be criticized for yet, but like every generation has, they will somehow be criticized.