Behind the Scenes of The Foreigner


S. Collins

Adam Dodd (’19) works backstage of the play The Foreigner making sure everything runs smoothly.

Imani Jackson

We hear the music. We admire the stage and the bright lights. We see the actors and actresses on the stage. We watch the story unfold. But what all are not able to see is what goes on backstage behind the lights.

Backstage, Adam Dodd (‘19) is a left hand stage crew member for the play “The Foreigner”. He did not memorize lines or act in front of an audience, but put just as much time into the play as the others.

“Although I had a very easy and relaxed job, I probably spent over 20 hours in the play,” says Dodd.

Dodd made sure the play ran smoothly without any issues. He even helped repair a broken trap door in the set that was needed for the play.

Holly Kemple (‘19) was also apart of the experience. She’s in Mr. Moberly’s 2nd period Production Theater class and was one of many who put together the entire set for the play from scratch.

They worked on the set starting from the second week in September up until the Friday of opening night for the play. Not having much direction, they went by the motto: “Build things that look like things.”

Along with the fun and catchy motto, Kemple loved learning different vocabulary that would never be used outside of stage crew like “dutching”.   

Besides the set and the actors, if it wasn’t for the media and tech crew, the play would not have even been able to happen. Perfect lighting and good sound quality are what makes the play more enjoyable for the audience members.  

All of these parts and roles that are not under the spotlight are just as important and in fact crucial to put together the masterpiece. Without the help of these volunteers, the show would not be nearly as enjoyable.

Together, they make the magic happen whether the results be seen on or off the stage. And in getting all of this work done, they enjoyed themselves.  

Both Kemple and Dodd plan on helping in the next play. “Overall it was good and I had a lot of fun” says Kemple.