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The Hi-Q team stands proudly by their trophy for state. While they came in last at nationals, they had an overall successful season.

Joselow Retires (Again)

Jacob Ensey, Staff Writer
April 27, 2015

The Hi-Q team's success this year is no small feat. Students had an immense amount of support from Mr. Mendro and Ms. Joselow, the advisers for the club. However, this is Joselow’s last year of working...

K.J. Mullin 17, James Piscionary 15, Felix Neeleman 15, and Hannah Martian 16 compete at a rigorous Hi-Q competition before making their appearance at the national competition.

Hi-Q Reaches Nationals

Jacob Ensey, Staff Writer and Photogapher
April 17, 2015

On Thursday, April 16th, the school’s Hi-Q team participated in the national Hi-Q competition. Arlington competed against three other teams from various states, and placed fourth overall. Regardless...

Nick Mendro, Quinn James, Aysia Brenner, and Dakota Brenner answer questions for a Hi-Q competition. The team won the competition  with an eight point lead.

Methods for Memorization

, Staff Writer
February 13, 2015

Memorizing material for school has always been an arduous task. Between flashcards, matching vocabulary to the tune of a song, or just staring at the text until it all makes sense, there are various ways...

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