Joel Mable

The A Building on French Ave–the old high school

Hazel Nickel, Staff Reporter

Ever had an encounter with a ghost? Did you know that Arlington has its own creepy tales? Spooky season is finally here and it’s time to dive deep into the Arlingtons haunts and legends.

Old High school Building

 Built in 1936, the old Arlington High School was a learning center for students up until 2007, when the new school was built. The retired building is now home to Arlington’s Kids Closet. 

According to the rumors, many years ago a maintenance worker was working in the auditorium. While he was working, he slipped and fell, falling on top of a chair and breaking his neck. He died instantly. He now supposedly lurks in the auditorium as a “dark shadowy figure” but as a ghost.

Mr. Klein, a teacher here at AHS, used to be a student and teacher at the old building. Although he said that he had never heard about the maintenance worker, he had known about Norma The Ghost. Norma was a cheerleader at the high shool many years ago. One day she died falling off the balcony in the auditorium. Nobody knows why she fell. Mr Klein had an office right below the auditorium and said that “creepy things would happen… like lights turning on and noises coming from the auditorium when nobody was there.”

“Ghost stories are supposed to leave you guessing”, a student at AHS said, “you’re supposed to have questions. They wouldn’t be ghost stories if they resolved peacefully”. Many agree that mystery is what brings these stories to life. 

Assuming both deaths are true, does that mean that there were two deaths in the old building auditorium? Meaning there are two ghosts? Or is there just one? Nobody knows.